Thursday 6.20.19

Back Squat

7 x 3 @ 80% of 1RM

*These shouldn’t feel like a 3RM every set/.  Focus on bracing yourself, taking a deep breath in and holding it as you descend into your squat.  Stay tall on the way up!

4 Sets for Quality:

5 Weighted Strict Pull Ups + 5 Strict Pull Ups

10 Dips (ring or box)

15 Deficit Push Ups

20 Weighted Sit Ups

*This is to be done after the squats.  No workout for time today as the focus is on getting through the squats today.  This is not easy though.  10 strict pull ups.  Try to do the first 5 reps weighted, then drop the weight and finish with 5 more reps.  Use a band if needed.  Ring Dips ideally, but you can scale to dips on a bench.  Only do deficit push ups if you can already do GOOD push ups.  If not, work on regular push ups.  Hold a dumbbell on your chest for the weighted sit ups!  It does help if you lock your feet under something with some weight.  Focus on the quality of your movement here.