Thursday 6.27.19



For Time:

1 Mile Run

2,000m Row

1 Mile Run

*Find a pace and settle in!  You can stagger the start by 6-8 minutes, or people can ski 2,000m or bike 4,000m instead of row!  This took some as fast as 20 Minutes and some as long as 40.

*Scale to 1/2 Jerry or sub a 1.5 mile bike for the run*

Cash Out:

5 Sets for Quality:

5 Strict Weighted Pull Ups

10 Deficit Push Ups

15 Ab Mat Sit Ups

*Get as much done as you can with the remainder of your time in class.  Do the pull ups weighted if possible, if not go bodyweight or use a band.  Put plates or parallettes for your hands for the deficit push ups.  Try to make these push upsdeeper than normal.