Tuesday 7.9.19


Max Reps Strict Pull Ups (10-15 Minutes)

*This is our new MOVEMENT OF THE MONTH!  Warm up your pull ups and then complete 1 set of max reps when you are ready.  If an athlete can’t do 1 Strict pull up, use a band that you can do at least 5 reps.  After the max set, you can take 10 minutes to work up to a  1RM WEIGHTED PULL UP (if you are able to do strict pull-ups).


With a Partner, For Time:

100/80 Calorie Ski Erg/ Row

50 Strict Handstand Push Ups

150 Wall Ball (20/14#)

50 Strict Handstand Push Ups

100/80 Calorie Ski/ Row

Time Cap = 30 Minutes

*The scale for the SHSPU today is Strict Press with a barbell (95/65# ideally) Something you can do 5-10 reps with.  One person works while the other rests for this workout.  If you don’t have enough ski ergs, you may row the same number of calories.