Friday 7.12.19


Tempo Overhead Squat (20 Minutes)

4×4 @ 45% of 1RM

*The challenge today is TEMPO.  I want each rep to be 3 seconds into the bottom and 3 seconds on the way up.  6 Seconds total.  Control each rep!  Not heavy, but the tough part is the time under tension.  This should really help you build good positions.


5 Rounds for Time:

20 Hang Power Cleans (95/65#)

20 Burpee Pull Ups

Time Cap = 20 Minutes

*The hang power cleans should be no more than 2 sets any round so scale accordingly.  For the burpee pull ups, you may jump into the pull ups… I recommend it. If you don’t have pull-ups, do 20 Burpees then 20 Ring Rows.

*Spend extra time rolling out and stretching! It’s been a tough week. 😊