Tuesday 7.23.19

Warm Up:

250m Ski

10 PVC Passthroughs

20 Rows

15 Push Ups

10 Strict Pull Ups/ Ring Rows



5 Rounds of Max Reps:

Bench Press (1x Bodyweight/ .75x Bodyweight)

Strict Pull Ups

*This workout is not for time.  Try to start a new around every 5-6 minutes.  This workout should take a good 25 minutes.  If you are doing true max effort sets, you will need the rest.  Pick a weight for the bench and bands if needed to get a MINIMUM of 10 reps on your first set for each!  That doesn’t mean stop at 10… if you can get 20 reps, get 20 reps!  Make sure you have a spotter when benching.  Score is your total number of bench and pull up reps.

**This is a Girl workout, so be honest on your reps!! Make sure to write it in your book!


30 GHD Sit-ups (50 Ab Mat Sit-ups)

20 Glute Bridges (heels on the bench) or (20 GHD Back Extensions)

10 Weighted Good Mornings

5 Pistols (each leg)

x 2 Rounds