Monday 8.19.19

“Bear Complex”

5 Rounds For Load:

Complete 7 Unbroken Sets of this Complex:

  • 1 Power Clean
  • 1 Front Squat
  • 1 Push Press
  • 1 Back Squat
  • 1 Push Press

Do all 5 movements to complete 1 repetition of the complex. Complete the complex 7 times, unbroken (without letting go of the bar or resting it on the ground) to complete 1 round. You CANNOT rest the barbell on the ground at any point or that weight will NOT count. Not even for a second 🙂 These reps are touch and go.

Complete 5 rounds, increasing the weight and resting as needed between each round. Score is max weight used for your 5th unbroken round. I recommend starting fairly light and taking plenty of rest between sets.

*This should take most of the class time! If you have any extra time, feel free to do some sit-ups or other core work. Ask your coach if you need ideas!

Here is a link demonstrating the movement. You will do this 7 times unbroken, for 5 rounds. You’re welcome 😊