Wednesday 9.25.19

*Make sure to let us know if you plan to come to the BBQ, so we know how much meat to get! Put your name up on the back board by the kids room. Bring a side to share. We will keep an eye on the weather..
*Exciting news! Our online apparel store is now open!! Here is the link.
They plan to print once a month, so get your orders in within the next couple of weeks in order to get your stuff on this first printing. We will pick it up and bring it to the gym.
*Get signed up for the OPEN! We will be doing Friday Night Lights again, with after party to follow at Killian’s. The Open workouts will be programmed for all Friday classes, so you might as well sign up ($20) to see where you rank!
*Saturday mornings 8-9:30am- we will now open the gym up at 8am, and will have a WOD programmed that will start at 8:30am. Feel free to do it with a partner (bring a friend free-one of you must be a member), do the WOD alone, or use the time for Open Gym (work on your own stuff or make up a workout from earlier in the week). The Coach will also be working out with the class.
*Sunday afternoon 1-2:30- we will program a Mobility WOD for recovery. Feel free to do the recovery work, or do your own workout. The Coach will also be working out with the class.
Wednesday 9.25.19
Tycie told me it was her birthday, and wanted a special workout. Here you go!! Enjoy;)
“Fight Gone Bad”
3 Rounds For Total Reps in 17 minutes.
  1. 1 minute Wall Ball Shots (20/14 lb)
  2. 1 minute Sumo Deadlift High-Pulls (75/55 lb)
  3. 1 minute Box Jumps (20 in) (men and women both use a 20in box)
  4. 1 minute Push Press (75/55 lb)
  5. 1 minute Row (calories)
  6. 1 minute Rest.

Our goal here is to maintain a similar rep scheme through all 3 rounds. Movements can be scaled by reducing the weight. This is a bench mark WOD, so make sure to record your time in your book!


400m Run

Mobility of Choice