Monday 10.14.19

**Don’t forget to submit your 20.1 score!! You have to have it today before 5pm today, or it’s like it never happened.. And we ALL remember it happening. 🙂 If you haven’t signed up for the Open, you still have time! Let your coach know if you need to make it up, or re-do.


Front Squat

5 Repetitions @ 70%

4 Repetitions @ 75%

3 Repetitions @ 80%

1 Repetition @ 84%

1 Repetition @ 87%

1 Repetition @ 90%

Rest as Needed Between Sets




Thrusters 95/65


*Make sure to keep track of your score and what you did for modifications, since this is a benchmark workout. Modify by weight, or scale the pull-ups to banded or ring rows.


5 min easy cardio

Foam roll lats and quads