Thursday 10.17.19


Pizza Delivery

To keep your ab-mat ‘pizza’ from hitting the ground.


  • Individuals start holding an ab-mat underneath (lettering facing up, like a pizza box). The objective is to knock other people’s ab-mats down. Every time a mat is knocked down that athlete performs 3 burpees and may continue playing. Play for 5 minutes.

  • Other Rules: athletes may not hold the ab-mat on the side (grab it), they mat not hold it overhead (unfair to shorter athletes), and they may not cradle it into their body.



3 Rounds (Not For Score):

2 Minute Light Bike, Row, Ski Erg or Run

3 Low Ring Rows

6 Bench Press

9 Kettlebell Sumo Deadlift High Pulls (53/35)

12 Body Weight Lunges

16 Russian Twists 20/14

Directly Into…

10 min of working on your “Goat”

• The goal here is to get the whole body moving in a lower intensity environment for a primer for the Open

• Choose weights and gymnastics variations that you can complete all sets unbroken today 

MOBILITY (1 min each)

Upper Body

1. Puppy Pose

2. Shoulder to Floor

3. Wrist Stretches

Lower Body

1. Couch Stretch

2. Pigeon Pose

3. Butterfly

4. Pike

5. Straddle

6. Seated Forward Fold

What’s your GOAT? Working Weaknesses

“GOAT – A movement one has weakness with”

We all have weaknesses. Fact. There is stuff that we’re good at, and there’s stuff that we suck at. And whether we like it or not, when approaching CrossFit classes, we’re always biased to the movements we’re good at. This can affect how well rounded we are, especially if we always skip the days that involve our weaknesses, like long distance running…

When approaching weaknesses it can sometimes be hard to know where to start, or how to work on them best. It may seem like there is a never ending list of things you want/have to work on: double unders, pull-ups, ring-dips, rope climbs…etc etc. However, the key to weakness work is the same as mobility work, just focus on one/two aspects at a time, and be consistent with your practice.

(Borrowed from CrossFit Thames)