Tuesday 11.12.19

The next couple of weeks we will be finding our maxes for our main lifts. We will be using those maxes to program our upcoming strength program. This is a 1RM, but not at all costs (it can be a heavy set of 1). Write it in your book (or grab a book to keep track – ask your coach).


Back Squat Max:

10 – 5 – 3 – 1 – 1 – 1 ….

The set of 10 is a warm-up. Then move on to build slowly to find our One Rep Max Back Squat. You will have 20-30 minutes to find a max. Please take your time!!


Choose 1 or 2 and record it in your book:

*500m Row for time


*400m Assault Air Runner for time


*1 mile Assault Bike for time

— This is an ALL OUT effort on the cardio machines. Don’t worry, this will be harder than most WODs that you do:)


3 sets of:

10 KB Single Leg RDLs (10 each side)

10 GHD sit-ups (sub Ab Mat Sit-Ups) or GHD to parallel (your coach will help you decide)

10 Weighted Glute Bridges


Using a lacrosse ball- glutes, shoulder blades, traps, pecs and anterior shoulders.