Wednesday 1.8.20


3 min cardio

1 min jump rope

10 hip hinge

10 push-up to down dog

Burgener Warmup


Pausing Power Clean

On the 1:30 x 5:

1 Pausing Power Clean

1 Power Clean

*2 Second Pause at Knee

*2 Second Pause in Catch

Set 1: 60%

Set 2: 63%

Set 3: 66%

Set 4: 69%

Set 5: 72%



30 Double Unders

10 Power Cleans (155/105)

30 Double Unders

10 Barbell Facing Burpees


• Choose a barbell weight that you could cycle for 10+ reps unbroken when fresh, knowing you’ll likely opt for quick singles during the workout

• The double under sets are meant to be small, something that will ideally be completed unbroken each time (adjust reps/variations as needed)

• For the bar facing burpees, you must jump back and jump up for Rx, and take off and land with two feet when jumping over the bar. Scale to stepping back, up and over.

• We can expect to complete somewhere around 5 rounds today


2 Rounds

30 Russian Twists

30 Bicycles

30 Single Leg Glute Bridge (15 each side – heel elevated on a bench)