Thursday 1.9.20


3 min rowing

Line Drills:

High Knees

Butt Kickers

Toy Soldiers

Side Lunge

Inchworm w/ Pushups

10 KB Swings


Bi’s and Tri’s 😉

DB Bicep Curls

3 sets of 10-12

Overhead Tricep Extensions (Single DB)

3 sets of 10-12


*No score for today’s workout

5 Rounds:

1 Minute Ski Erg

1 Minute Reverse Lunges (step back)

1 Minute Runner

1 Minute Russian Kettlebell Swings (53/35)

1 Minute Rest


• This active recovery is for quality over speed, with the goal simply being to move around and sweat

• Start at different stations, so we don’t get backed up on the Ski and Runner. Feel free to sub in a row or bike if someone is on the machine you need next.


*You must do 5 minutes of mobility to get an Rx by your name. Coach will start the clock. Do what is listed below, or whatever is sore for you.

Foam roll legs, glutes, back and lats