Friday 2.7.20

*Bring a Friend Free Friday!!

“Some days it just flows and I feel like I’m born to do this, other days it feels like I’m trudging through hell. Every day I make the choice to show up and see what I’ve got, and to try and be better.” — Des Linden


2 min Bike

High Knees

Butt Kickers

Broad Jumps

10 Jump Squats (or no jump)

10 Jumping Lunges

10 PVC Hip Hinges

10 KB Deadlifts

Barbell Warmup + Deadlift


• 3×2  Deadlift (pick weight)

• 3×1  Deadlift (same weight)


3 sets of 3 minute AMRAPS, with a 2 minute rest between sets.

• 30 Lateral Bar Jumps

• 10 Deadlifts

• 5 Hang Power Cleans

(Rx+ 185/125) (Rx 135/95) (Fit 95/65)

*Complete 3 separate AMRAPS. Rest 2 minutes between sets. **Continue each set where you left off previous set!!!** Score is the total rounds, plus reps (NOT scored separately). Scale back the lateral jumps to make sure you get at least 1 round of cleans done.

STIMULUS: These Deadlifts should be on the moderate side for weight. You should be able to do all 10 unbroken. The Hang Power Cleans should be on the heavier side, but you should be able to do them in 1-2 sets.

POST WOD (not optional):

3 sets:

5-10 Partners GHDs

10 Single Leg Barbell RDLs

10 Barbell Rollouts or Body Saws


Foam Roll Back, Glutes, Hamstrings