Tuesday 2.25.20

**5am Class is cancelled tomorrow due to weather. Check social media, the website, or the app before coming to the other classes! We will post something if we need to cancel.**


3 min cardio

2 Rounds:

10 Air Squats

10 World’s Greatest

10 Plate Rotations around the head

15 Banded PullAparts

5 Light DB Front Squats


Wallball Prep


• 3×2  Back Squat (add 5#-10# to last Double/Single load)

• 3×1  Back Squat (same weight)

*Add weight at either the beginning of the 3 sets of 2, or if your weight last week was challenging add it to your 3 sets of 1. We want to be challenging ourselves, but realizing that we may not be able to increase every single week.


For time:

• 18/15 Cal Bike or 150m Run

• 30 Wall Balls

• 10 DB Front Squats

• 15 Wall Balls

• 5 DB Front Squats

• 18/15 Cal Bike or 150m Run

(Rx+: DB 50/35, Wallball 25/20) (Rx: 50/35, 20/14) (Fitness: 35/25, 14/10)

*This workout should take 7-10min. Pick a weight that you can do the set of 30 squats in 1 set when fresh.


3 sets of 5 each

Reverse Lunges

3 sets of 5 each

Single Leg KB RDLs


Foam roll legs