Monday 3.9.20

**Deload Week** We will Max out on our lifts starting next week.



EMOM x 10

1 Clean & Jerk

**Use these 10 minutes to build up to your workout weight. You might choose to go a little heavier than the workout weight.



30 Clean and Jerks for Time


**This is a benchmark “Girl” WOD with strict movement standards. So, we will be judging each other for this workout. Half of the class will go while the other half judges. Then switch.

Movement Standards: Each Rep must start from the ground and must touch the shoulders before the jerk. Every jerk must be locked out overhead before bringing the bar down (straight line with knees, hips and elbows completely locked out). Count your partner’s reps out loud and don’t be afraid to “No Rep” them 😊

Keep track of the weight you used, and how it felt.

Optional Post WOD:

Pick 1 (don’t worry – you’ll have opportunities to pick another one this week):

1000m Row for Time

400m Assault Run for Time

500m Ski for Time

1 mile Bike for Time


5 min of Coach’s Choice on Stretches