Friday 2.13.20

**Last day of Deload Week**

**If you are doing the competition this weekend, don’t do Karen!


5 min cardio of choice

10 Air Squats

10 Plate Press

10 Plate Squats

10 Plate Rotation Around the Head

10 Plate Thrusters

1 min Handstand Hold or Plank


3 sets of 5 each

Single Leg KB RDLs

3 sets of 5 each

Single Arm KB Bent Rows


Two Options for today’s workout

Option 1)


150 Wallballs for Time 20/14 – 10’/9′

We will be judging each other again on this workout, only if going for the board– Movement standards: full squat depth (hip crease below the top of the knee) and Wallball must be at or above the white line for ladies and the blue line for guys (ball must touch that color).

*Karen is a very high volume workout. Please don’t do all of the reps if you have been gone for awhile or are just starting CrossFit. Pick a smaller Rep scheme with built in breaks.

Option 2)

2000m Row or 1 Mile Bike

*Either for time, or for recovery


5 minute of Foam Rolling

5 Minutes Stretching – Coach’s Choice