Tuesday 3.17.20

*We are planning to stay open! Please use good judgement, if you are not feeling well. Wash your hands when you get to the gym, and use the disinfectant wipes to clean equipment when done, please.


3 min cardio

2 Rounds:

10 Squat Jumps

5 Light DB Strict Press

10 Box Step UPS

5 Light Hang DB Snatch (each side)

5 Box Jumps


• Take no more than 25 minutes to establish a 1 Rep Max Press


Complete as many rounds as possible in 10 minutes of:

• 20 Dumbbell Hang Snatches (Rx+ & Rx 50/35) (Fitness 35/25)- these are not alternating

• 10 Box Jumps (Rx+ 30/24) (Rx 24/20) (Fitness Step Ups)

• 100m Run or 200m Row/Ski

• 20 Single Arm Dumbbell Push Press (same weight)

• 10 Box Jumps

• 100m Run or 200m Row/Ski

*Switch every 5 reps on dumbbell movements


Calf Stretch

Pigeon Pose

Puppy Pose

Thread the Needle


1- Every 6 minutes for 24 minutes:

• 200m Run

• 12 Alternating Dumbbell Box Step-up (1 DB)

• 300m/250m Row

*Each round as fast as possible