Our goal at C2 Wellness Center as well as CrossFit Reserve is to serve the community by providing education and resources to improve your life. The COVID pandemic is obviously a life-altering situation and therefore requires adjustments in our focus; for this reason we are making the following temporary changes in our usual services.

–In keeping with the government recommendations we would like to limit class sizes to less than 10 athletes. We would appreciate your help in attaining this goal by signing up for classes and if you see that the numbers are reaching this limit please try to adjust your schedule to make another class. Having said this, if you show up and we are slightly over this number we will do all we can to accommodate everyone.

–Please remain vigilant about hand washing, cleaning your own equipment and maintaining distance from your fellow athletes.

–If you have symptoms or have had questionable exposures, PLEASE do not put others at risk by showing up to workout.

–For those that do not feel comfortable working out at the gym, we will be loaning some equipment at no extra cost. Just contact one of the coaches or call Gary (641-3051) and we can sign out kettle bells, dumbbells, abmats, jump ropes, etc. Workouts will be posted daily that can be done at home and we encourage members to post their results and comments on Facebook. We realize that the sense of community that CrossFit brings is probably the biggest reason for it’s success so please stay in contact with your friends from CFR by way of Facebook, Instagram, etc.

–Gary will be in the gym today 3/21 from 3-4pm and tomorrow afternoon as well. He will be glad to meet with any member that would like to borrow equipment; just contact him at the number above to arrange a time.

–When/if there we are required to close our doors temporarily, rest assured that we will do all we can to re-open as soon as possible.

–We obviously rely on our memberships to keep the doors open and we do not take you for granted. With this in mind we also understand that some members may have jobs that have been suspended for an unknown amount of time. If you feel the need to suspend your membership payments we understand, however if you are able to continue your membership you will be able to use equipment for home workouts free of charge and we will “pay-it-forward” by adjusting membership rates in the future or something else that would better fit your needs.