The mission of C2 Wellness Center and therefore CrossFit Reserve, Spearfish Yoga and Cycle and Preventive Health Concepts is to serve the community by providing the resources necessary to improve your overall health and wellness. The COVID pandemic obviously presents some unique challenges to businesses like ours that thrive on social interaction and support. We have done our best to follow CDC guidelines thus far while continuing to provide a place for our members to exercise. While there has been no mandatory directive to close our doors, we feel that this would be the best thing for our community. We will be temporarily closing our doors after the 5am workout on Wednesday March 25th.

We are keenly aware of the importance of maintaining your exercise program and engagement with each other. Some members have already taken advantage of the fact that we have been loaning equipment for home workouts and we have received quite a bit of positive feedback from the home workouts we have posted thus far. We will continue to follow our usual programing and provide home workouts with instructions and scaling options as well as a body weight/equipment free option. We ask that everyone stay connected as much as possible via Facebook and Instagram and call/text each other as well as the coaches with questions and requests/suggestions. By continuing to interact with each other we can provide the motivation and encouragement that we all love in the CrossFit/Yoga/Cycling community. Members will be able to continue to sign-out equipment all week long and Gary will be available to help with this process at your convenience. Please call or text him (641-3051) with a time that fits your schedule and he will meet you at the gym or if you have limited means of transporting the equipment you need, he can help facilitate this as well. He will be available today (23rd) from 3:00pm until 6:30pm and tomorrow morning 8-10am, over the noon hour and 4-6pm tomorrow afternoon. After the 5am workout on Wednesday the 25th, he will be available as long as necessary. Any equipment can be taken and we ask that each member take only what he/she feels they will use to allow everyone access to what they need.

We truly appreciate and value each and every member and would welcome any feedback or suggestions as to what we can do to help you through this difficult time. We understand that some have experienced financial hardships but as we have said before, we are working through ideas that will “pay it forward” to those that can continue with their regular membership through this time.

Sincerely –

Gary, Chris, Mike and Melissa