Thursday 4.9.20


10 minutes cardio of choice – feel free to mix and match to make 10 min. This could be a 1 mile jog, 2500 Row, 4 mile bike, etc…

STRENGTH Equipment Option 1:

A1- Pull-ups 3x Max

* Sub Barbell Bent Over Row 3x 5- 10 depending on weight available

A2. Single Arm DB Bent over Row 3 x 10

A3. Banded Pullaparts 3x 10-20

STRENGTH- No Equipment Option 2:

A1- Odd Object Bent Over Row 3x 5-10 depending on weight available

A2- Single Arm Bent Over Row 3 x 10

A3- Reverse Fly 3x 10-20

* complete 3 sets in circuit fashion. Progress from A1- A2 – A3 with minimal rest, then Rest 1-2 Minutes before repeating.


5 Rounds:

1- Single Leg Glute Bridge 30s. Each side

2- Wall Sit 45s-1Min

*for Rx+ add weight (50/35)

3- Single Leg RDL 30s. Each Side (50/35)

4- Walking Plank Max 1Min

*Sub Plank Hold

**Score is the total plank walks**


Seated Forward Fold

Seated Straddle Pose

Thread the needle

Lying T Shoulder Stretch (face down)