Wednesday 4.29.20

Wednesday 4.29.20

ONLY 2 MORE DAYS TILL WE ARE BACK IN THE GYM 🙌 Can’t wait time see everyone! Bring equipment back on or before Friday, or text Mel at 605-645-2216 if you need to arrange a different time. You will all get an email tomorrow regarding the re-opening.


2 Rounds:

100m walk

100m jog

10 leg swings

10 air squats


Back Squat

3 sets of 5 (3 sets of 10 if using a KB or DB)

*Go heavy or use these to warm up for the WOD.


**Score today is the weight you used for the front squats, as well as your time. Shoot to do the Front Squats in 1-2 sets. These must be cleaned from the ground- no squat racks allowed:)

Scale by reps or reduce the run or row 500m instead.