Monday 5.11.20


2 min cardio

2 Rounds:

20 Single Unders, High Single Unders, or Double unders

15 Russian Kettlebell Swings

10 Kettlebell Goblet Squats

5 Inchworms

Barbell Warmup + 5 Clean and Jerk


Stamina Squats

On the 1:30 x 7 Sets:

2 Front Squat and

4 Back Squats

• 63% 1RM Front Squat


• We will grow in percentages in this format over the next 4 weeks

* The barbell comes from the rack

* Rack the bar and transition directly from the front squats to the back squats

* All 6 reps should be completed within the 90 second window


For Time (STRICT 15 Minute Cap- You will only have 15 minutes to complete this workout- your score will be your time or your reps completed at 15 min)

21 Clean and Jerks (Rx+ 155/105) (Rx 125/85) (Fitness 95/65)

100 Double Unders (Fitness High Singles)

21 Clean and Jerks

On the Minute: 5 Wallballs (Rx+ 30/20) (Rx 20/14) (Fitness 14/10)


• Every minute on the minute, you’ll complete 5 wallballs (starting at the 1:00- you’ll have the first whole minute to get as much done as possible)

• With whatever time remains in the minute, work through as many reps as possible of clean and jerks or double unders

• Pick up wherever you left off following the 5 wallballs

Moderate weight for the clean and jerk in this workout, small sets or quick singles

Choosing a variation/rep scheme for DUs that you can complete within 2 minutes when fresh

Wallballs should be performed unbroken at the top of each minute


Couch Stretch

Pike Stretch

Child’s Pose