Wednesday 5.13.20

**On certain days, we will have a Competitive Athlete Optional Workout. This is NOT required, and is just extra accessory work for those looking to train for competitions. You do not HAVE to be a competitive athlete to the extra work, but it will usually be geared towards common Rx competition movements. This extra workout will have to be done after class or during an open gym time, as there will not usually be time to do it during class.

**Make sure you are doing mobility!! It’s really important, especially as we are getting back into the swing of things and we are extra sore.


3 minutes cardio

6 Mins. for Quality
5 Air Squats (3 Second Pause at the bottom)
10 Scap Push-Ups
10 PVC Pass Throughs


5 Box Step Ups + 5 Box Jumps

5 Barbell Thruster 5 Devil’s Press with a lighter weight

STRENGTH (done POST WOD today)


AMRAP 9 minutes

21 Lateral Hops over the BB (sub line hops)
12 Thrusters (Rx+ 115/75) (Rx 95/65) (Fitness 65/45)
21 Lateral Hops over the BB
9 Thrusters
21 Lateral Hops over the BB
6 Thrusters

2 min Break

AMRAP 9 min

21 Box Jumps (Rx+ 24/20) (Rx 24/20) (Finess – Jump onto a stack of plates of your height choice or step up)
6 Devil’s Press (Rx+ 50/35) (Rx 50/35) (Fitness 35/25- go lighter if you are not very familiar with the movement)
21 Box Jumps
9 Devil’s Press
21 Box Jumps
12 Devil’s Press


Renegade Rows (50’s/35’s)
4 Giant Sets:
12 Dimmel Deadlifts
9 Romanian Deadlifts
6 Deadlifts
(using the same weight for all 3 movements- try to hold on to the bar for all 27 reps – feel free to add weight between sets)
Rest 1:30 Between Sets


Banded Tricep Stretch

Banded Hamstring Stretch

Butterfly Stretch

COMPETITIVE ATHLETES — OPTIONAL (this must be done after class or at open gym times, as there is not enough time in the class period)

3 Rounds Not For Time:
10 Strict Toes to Bar
50′ Handstand Walk (one minute handstand hold or plank)
30 AbMat Sit-ups
50′ Handstand Walk