Monday 6.29.20

Don’t forget about the workshop tonight at 7 with Nathan! He has tons of great info on mobility and pain management.

We are starting the Wendler Strength Cycle 5/3/1 today! This cycle will run for 4 weeks. If you miss a day, try to make it up at some point during the week, or on Saturday. We will be using our numbers from our max lifts, however, with Wendler we use our TRAINING MAX which is 90% of your 1 Rep Max. *Don’t forget to go off of your Training Max when figuring your percentages, or this lifts will be much harder than you want:)


3 minutes cardio

2 Rounds:

10 legs swings

10 air squats

5 KB Deadlift (light weight)

10 KB Swings (light weight)

5 KB Snatch (practice with a light weight- decide if you would prefer DB Snatch)


Back Squat

Week 1– Take some warm up sets, then

Set 1: 5 reps @ 65%

Set 2: 5 @ 75%

Set 3: 5 @ 85%


4 Rounds For Time:

30/25 Cal Assault Bike

15 KB Snatch left arm

15 KB Snatch right arm

(Rx 35/25) (Fitness – scale to a single arm Russian swing or DB Snatch – weight of your choice)


Foam roll back and legs