THURSDAY 8.20.20


2 min jump rope

30 sec IYTs (2.5 or 5#)

30 sec wall slides

15 banded pull aparts

30 sec rev lunges

30 sec narrow stance air squats

10 leg swings


Tempo Bench Press-4×4: 2 sec descent, 2 sec pause, explode up

DB reverse fly: 4×8 each side

AMRAP 12 min:

300m row or 17/13 Cal bike

3 Pull ups (Rx+: C2B)

7 Push ups (Rx+: deficit push ups)

12 Alt. Pistol squats (6 each leg) *If you are too sore from Karen, sub 15 Russian kb swings 35/25, 53/35, 70/53

☆Chin must be above (not necessarily over) the bar on pull ups. Chest (below clavicles) must touch the bar for C2B.

☆Chest must touch the ground at the bottom of push ups with arms fully locked out at the top. If thighs touch the ground at the bottom, they must be lifted before you push up.

☆Hip crease must be below parallel on pistols. Opposite foot cannot touch the ground until bent leg is fully extended.