MONDAY 9.14.20

“Being a champion is not about holding your hand in the air and accepting a medal, it’s about the way you carry yourself every second of every day.” – Katrin Davidsdottir

Starting a new round of programming. Feel free to scale up or down depending on your ability.


–200m Jog
–World’s greatest + hamstring
–5ea Lateral Lunge
–10 KB Swing

–10 Air squats

–10 Ring rows

–10 push ups


A)Strict Press 5-3-1-3-5 @75, 80, 85, 80, 75%

B1)Pull ups 3x 5-10

B2)Sled pull 3x


3 Rounds on the 4 min
–Run 400 meters
–10 Back Squat (225/145)

*Immediately Into the next 3 Rounder

3 Rounds on the 4 min
–Row 500 meters
–10 Strict HSPU

You should be using a weight that you can get all 10 in a row on each round. HSPU can be broken up but in no more than 3 sets for any round. Adjust reps accordingly. Scale to Kipping HSPU, Pushups or DB Strict Press. You should get at least 30 sec rest per round.


Foam Roll Quads


Accumulate 50 Ab Mat Sit-ups and 3 min Wall Sit