MONDAY 9.21.20

I’m sure you’ve all noticed that we have only been prescribing Rx weights/movements in the WODs this past week. This is traditionally how it is done. For these past months, we have done Rx+, Rx, & Fitness options. This was to show you all how to scale (up or down) appropriately, however, this does seem to limit some of those Fit people into a scaling option that they might not need. Your coach can help you with any scaling options:)


2 Rounds:
–50 Single Unders
–5-10 Deep squat to hamstring
–5ea Single Leg KB or DB Deadlift
–5ea Single Arm KB or DB Press
–10 Russian Swings
–10 V-Up

-20ea Way Banded Lateral Walk
–20ea Way Banded Monster Walk
–10 Banded Tempo Air Squats

Barbell warmup


Single leg RDL 3×5 (each leg)
Pistols 3×5 (each leg)
Ring push ups 3×5


5 rounds:
25 Double Unders
12 Deadlift 135/95
5 T2B
25 DU
9 Hang power clean 135/95
5 T2B
25 DU
6 Push jerk 135/95
5 T2B
*under 18 min