Monday 10.19.20


3min cardio

10 Leg Swings
10 Air Squats
10 Med Ball Cleans

5 KB Deadlift
5 KB Swings

Barbell Warm-up


The start of our new programming cycle! The following weeks will be heavy on the squatting. These sets will be going off of “feel” rather that percentages.

Back Squat for load:
#1: 3 reps
#2: 10 reps
-Build Up to a heavy set of 3 then back off to a heavy set of 10. Each one of these should be a grind but the goal is no failed sets. Rest 3-4 min between your two sets and get good and warm with your build up sets before going for it on the work sets.


EMOM 12 min:
Min 1: Row 200 meters
Min 2: 12 Med Ball Cleans (20/14)
Min 3: 20 Russian Swings (53/35)

**Make sure that you scale accordingly to get at least 10-15 seconds of rest before the next minute.


Banded Hip Flexor Stretch