Tuesday 12.29.20

Nutrition Challenge 1/4-2/1 — Sign up on the Board at the Gym

Challenge Includes:
🍎1 month Unlimited Classes at BOTH Spearfish Yoga & CrossFit Reserve (2 for the price of 1:)

🍏Fitness/Nutrition Log

🍎Nutrition Talk w/ Gary on Sunday 1/3 @ 2pm

🍏Weigh In/ Out (before and after pics if you want them)


Partner Rowling to 1000m (500m each) – burpee penalty

10 Lateral Box Step UPS

10 Russian Swings


*This is the last week of this strength cycle. Next week is deload, then the following week is our max week. After that, we will maintain strength and start to increase in volume to get ready for the Open.

You can use the percentages from last week, if that was hard for you! (70-80-90-80-70). If the set of 95% is too heavy, please feel free to modify back to the 90% or skip that set. Please make sure to have a spotter!!

Bench Press

5-3-1-3-5 @ 75-85-95-85-75%

Bent Barbell Rows (reverse grip)



4 Rounds

Min 1: Cal Row

Min 2: Box Jumps 24/20

Min 3: American KB Swings 53/35

Min 4: Rest

Score is total Reps across all rounds

Fit: Jump onto a stack of plates (unless you are unable to jump) 35/25


Foam roll lower back

Foam roller tspine mobility


5 Sled Pushes + 5 Sled Pulls

30 D Ball Cleans over the shoulder