Wednesday 2.10.21


3 min cardio

5 Up Dog To Down Dog

5 Wide Leg Inchworms w/ Push-ups

10 Lunges

10 Box Step UPS

10 Sit-ups

10 Scap Retractions

5 Kip Swings

3 pull-ups

Barbell Warmup + Push Press + Push Jerk + Split Jerk


E2MOM x 5

5 Push Press + 3 Push Jerk + 1 Split Jerk

Build in weight, or pick a weight for all 5 sets. The goal is to burn out the push press, needing to use the push jerk/split jerk to finish the remaining reps.

**If you are uncomfortable with any of the movements, feel free to do the 5 push press only


Ascending Ladder For 10:00
3 Box Jump Overs
3 Toes To Bar
3 Push Jerks (135/95) (Fit 75/55)
3 Chest To Bar Pull-Ups

6 Box Jump Overs
6 Toes To Bar
6 Push Jerks
6 Chest To Bar Pull-Ups

9 Box Jump Overs
9 Toes To Bar
9 Push Jerks
9 Chest To Bar Pull-Ups

…Continue To Add 3 Reps To Each Movement Each Round Until The Time Cap Is Reached.


T-spine Foam Roll Stretch


On the 0:00… Gymnastics Conditioning
Max Strict Handstand Push-Up Reps
On the Minute: 3 Bar Muscle-Ups