Thursday 3.11.21

“Of course I struggle, I just don’t quit.” – Unknown

We will be watching the Open Announcement on Thursdays at 6pm in the gym during Open Season. We will still have the 5:45pm class and you are free to watch while participating in class. 😊

Thursday’s during the Open will be structured with work at about half capacity, Goat Sessions, and Mobility Sessions.

What is a “Goat?” — In CrossFit, your “goat” is the thing you’re really bad at. It’s not uncommon to see “beat your goat” written on the board – it just means work on the thing you suck at…. Today focus on your Gymnastics Goat: Kipping Pull-ups, Handstand Push-ups, etc., basically anything “body weight.”

The goal during the Goat Sessions is not to do so much volume that we are sore, but just to put in a little practice time on things we need to work on

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRIT!! In honor of being 19, we are doing :


19 Burpees


Open 21.1 “Pre-Game”At 50% intensity (warm-up pace):

Part A)
5:00 Light Monostructural (Bike, Row, Ski, or Run)

Part B)
3 Rounds:
3 Push-ups
6 Ring Rows
9 Air Squats
12 Lunges
15 Banded Pull-Aparts
18 Sit-ups

Part C)
5:00 Light Monostructural (Bike, Row, Ski, or Run)

Part D)
With an empty barbell:
2-3 Rounds:
5 Good Mornings
5 Back Squats
5 Strict Presses
5 Stiff-Legged Deadlifts
5 Front Squats

Part E)
5:00 Light Monostructural (Bike, Row, Ski, or Run)

Part F) 5 minutes to practice your “Goat”

Part G) 10 Min Mandatory Foam Rolling