Wednesday 3.31.21


3 min cardio

30 sec singles

30 sec penguins or double Unders or practice

10 Halos

10 PVC Passthroughs

10 PVC Dislocates

10 PVC Hip Hinge

1 minute handstand hold or plank hold

Barbell: 3 Position Snatch & 3 Position Clean + 1 Jerk


EMOM 20 min:
Min 1: 3 Position Snatch (around 60%)
Min 2: 50 Double Under OR Double Under Practice
Min 3: 3 Position Clean & Jerk
Min 4: :30 sec Handstand Skill Practice

-Handstand skill practice can be walking, planks, shoulder taps, wall walks etc.

Think of this as an Olympic lifting day mixed in with some skill work. We are going to be hitting the 3 position snatch and clean and jerk today with the focus on bar speed and position.


For total max calories:

Minute 1: Bike

Minute 2: Rest

Minute 3: Row

Minute 4: Rest

Min 5: Ski

*Go in any order


Shoulder Accessory Y,T,W 3x:
–10-15 reps in each position
Use Mini Bands or Crossover Symmetry bands