Thursday 6.10.21

Saturday Open Gym will be at the Rec Center Pool from 8-9am. $5 to get into the pool. Missy has a fun workout planned 😊 If you are not excited about a pool workout, Kelsey said she plans to be at the gym at normal Open Gym time.


Rowling to 1000m

Burpees penalty for calories over/under


Split Stance Good Mornings

3×8 each side

Split Stance Good Morning today should be with a light weight. The primary work should be done with the lead leg and work to keep your hips square to the wall in front of you as you perform the movement. This will help you target you hammie and glute. Rest as needed between each set.

Bent Rows


Barbell Rollouts (sub Body Saws if those bother your back)



Partner 1 works, while Partner 2 breaks

5 Rounds

1 min DB Renegade Rows 50/35 35/25

1 min Sit-ups

1 min Mt Climbers on DBs (each side counts as 1 rep)

1 min Russian KB Swings 50/35 35/25

1 min Assault Bike

*Score is total Reps. Divide the minutes up between partners or alternate minutes- whatever you want. 😊 For Rx+, your partner must hold a 25/20 lb wallball during rest.


5 minutes foam rolling