Wednesday 7.28.21


5 minutes Cardio

10 Leg Swings

10 KBS

10 Bent Rows

Barbell Warmup + Power Clean + Push Jerk + Split Jerk


Take 10 minutes to warm up to your weight for the WOD

WOD – Alyssa’s Birthday WOD

Every 0:30 for 20 minutes (40 reps)

1 Clean & Jerk

*Score is the weight you completed ALL reps successfully with. If you have to drop weight, score is the lightest weight used. If you fail any Rep, you only have the remainder of the 30sec to try again. Any fails equals a DNF (did not finish) for a score. Choose weights wisely.

**This is a repeat WOD. Keep track of scores in book.


3 Rounds:

18 Bulgarian Split Squats (9/Leg)
10 IYT
6 Tempo Glute Bridges (5s Up, 5sDown)
Rest as needed between sets