Monday 8.2.21



1 min cardio

10 Air Squats

5 Sit UPS

3 Push up to Down Dog


30 second deep squat hold


*Post this score today too! It will be the weight lifted in your strength today. Take 20-25 minutes to find your:

20 Rep Max Back Squat

The idea here is to warm up to a weight that you think you could do for 10 reps, then do it for 20 reps instead. Take a quick breather at the top of the Rep if needed, but try not to rest very long.

(The “why” behind the 20 Rep max: )


“Tabata” – 20 sec work: 10 sec rest for 8 rounds (4 min), then 1 min rest, then move on to the second movement, etc. Do in whatever order you want!

**The score is your lowest amount of Reps that you get per movement. You will have 4 scores (total of 5 scores today:) .

Air Squats


Sit ups

Alt DB Snatch 50/35 35/25


Roll out quads!! We have another squat heavy day this week.