Thursday 11.4.21

Don’t skip recovery day!!

Why Active Recovery Will Improve Your Results


3 min cardio

3 Knee Push ups

3 Push ups

:30 Up Dog

:30 Down Dog

10 Ring Rows

5 Scap Retractions

3 Kip Swings

:10-30 Hang from the bar

:30 Lying T Shoulder Stretch

:30 Pigeon Pose

:30 Couch Stretch


Bench Press

5-3-1-3-5 @ 70-80-90-80-70%

Bent DB Rows


Toes to Bar

4 sets of unbroken Reps

*Take this time to practice whatever you are working on with Toes to Bar! Ask your coach if you need ideas.


“Active Recovery”

12 min Jog/Walk

Jog 30 sec, Walk 30 sec – At the 6 min mark, turn around and come back. No score- work out the soreness from the week. Feel free to use another cardio machine, if you want.


Core: 3 Rounds:

10-20 GHD Sit Ups / Sit ups

10-20 Hip Extensions /Superman’s

10-20 Glute Bridge (heels on bench)