Monday 11.15.21

*Deload! We will be working on skills this week (and lots of abs;), and giving our bodies a break from heavy loads. Deloading is very important, so make sure you are doing it (the more advanced the athlete, the more important deloading is).

Why we deload:


8 min AMRAP

1 min cardio

3 up dog to down dog

3 inchworms w/ push-up

10 DB Strict Press (light)


PVC/BB Warmup w/ Coach


*This is our deload week, so please pick a weight on the bar that allows you to practice PERFECT technique! It should be around 50-65% of our 1RM Press. You should NOT need to drop the bar at any point. If you are dropping the bar, you are going too heavy.

5 sets of:

3 Strict Press + 3 Push Jerk + 3 Split Jerk (from the rack)

Superset with 5 sets of:

1 min Toes to Bar Practice

*Work on this skill! Your coach will help with progressions. Everyone has something they can improve on.


Partner WOD:

200 cals on the bike – switch as needed

*Feel free to do the 200 cals on your own if you want – on any machine.


Abs – Accumulate

100 Russian Twists

200 Flutter Kicks