Monday 11.29.21


12 min AMRAP

1 min cardio

:30 Jump Rope

10 Alt Worlds Greatest

10 Single Arm KBS

10 Alt Reverse Lunges

10 Single Arm Hang KB Clean

STRENGTH – New strength cycle this week! If you don’t know your 1RM, make an educated guess on where you are. We will be attempting to hit our 1RM on the 3rd week, so you’ll have a good idea then.

Warm up to the first working set.

Strict Press –

4 sets of 4 @ 60-70-75-85%

Strict Pullups

4 sets of 5-10

*Do Chest to Bar Pullups if you are able!


4 Rounds:

20 Single KB Hang Clean (10 per side) 53/35 35/25

35 Double Unders

20 Single Arm KB Front Rack Alt. Reverse Lunges (10 per side – Switch arms halfway)

35 Double Unders

*Goal: sub 15 min

**Scale to using a DB first, then by reps if needed.


800m Sandbag Run