Monday 6.20.22


10 min AMRAP

1 min cardio

:30 jump rope

10 air squats

10 walking lunges

5 Ring Rows

5 Kip Swings

3 Pull-ups


KB Clean Practice w/ Coach – use a DB to scale during the WOD


Box Squat

Set up the box (or stacked plates with a Medball) so your hip crease is still below your knee. Don’t sacrifice range of motion for loading. Make sure to control the lowering of each rep and keep tension in your midline. Just because we are box squatting does not mean we should be resting on the box with a loose midline. Work sets should be challenging with no failed reps. Rest 2 min between sets.


AMRAP 15 min OR For Time
50′ Goblet Walking Lunge (Rx 53/35) (Fit 35/25)
5 Rope Climb (Fit 10 Pullups or 15 Ring Rows)
50′ Goblet Walking Lunge
20 Kettlebell Clean/side (Rx 53/35)
50′ Goblet Walking Lunge
200 Double Under
50′ Goblet Walking Lunge
20 Kettlebell Clean/side
50′ Goblet Walking Lunge
5 Rope Climb
50′ Goblet Walking Lunge
-If you complete the chipper in under 15 min, stop and record your time


3 Rounds
:20 sec Landmine Rotation (use a barbell in the corner) or Russian Twists
:20 sec Flutter Kick
:20 sec Starfish Plank/side
-Rest 1 min between rounds