Monday 7.18.22


10 min AMRAP

1 min cardio

3 inchworms w push-up

10 Ring Rows

10 light DB Press

5 light KBS

5 Kip Swings

3 pull-ups


:30 puppy pose

:30 thread the needle

:30 lying shoulder t stretch


Seated DB Strict Press


Strict Pull-ups (add weight if you would like)



7 Rounds
5 Unbroken Push Press for load (from the rack – you can partner up if needed)
15 Russian Kettlebell Swing (Rx+ 70/53) (Rx 53/35) (Fit 35/25)

-Rest 2 min between each round. 2 scores: total weight lifted from your push press and total time.

**These reps are not until failure! If you fail a rep, that rep counts as 0 lbs. You cannot re-do that rep for points. If you cannot complete your set because the weight is too heavy, you will take 0 for all remaining reps. Choose your weight appropriately! You can change weights on your breaks as needed, but not during a set. **If you drop the bar on the ground, it will count as a no-rep! – you must control the rep back to the shoulders and re-rack.

Scoring example: I use 100# for every single set and Rep and have no failed reps: 500# x 7 rounds = 3500#

Duration: Moderate
Weight: Heavy
Skill: Moderate
Volume: High


2-3 Sets
21’s Bicep Curl
(7 reps from bottom to half way/7 reps from half way to top/7 rull range of motion reps)
21 Banded Straight Arm Pulldowns
21 Behind the Neck DB Tricep Extension
-Rest as needed between rounds