Wednesday 8.24.22


10 min AMRAP

1 min cardio

10 Worlds Greatest

10 Leg Swings

5 KB Deadlift

5 KB Swings

5 Jump Squats


BB Warmup + Power Clean + Push Jerk


EMOM x 10

2 Clean & Jerks (touch and go)

*Use this time to warm up for the WOD


“Gwen” – *We will be adding this to the board. You must have a judge to get on the board.

15-12-9 Reps for Load

Clean-and-Jerks (unbroken)

*Rest as needed between sets

With a running clock, complete 3 rounds of the Clean-and-Jerks with the prescribed repetitions unbroken. Touch and go at the floor only. Even a re-grip off the floor is a foul. No dumping. Use the same load for each set. Rest as needed between sets.

Score is the weight used for all three unbroken sets.

Scaling Options

Experienced athletes should perform this benchmark workout as written. The beginner should focus on mechanics and consistency instead of loading. Warm-up by adding weight slowly, ensuring the load allows you to maintain great technique. Newer athletes should ignore the touch-and-go requirement and instead take a second or two to establish a sound setup position.

Reps for Load
Clean-and-Jerks (unbroken)
Rest as needed between sets


500m Row

Rest 2 min

400m Run