Friday 8.26.22


10 min AMRAP

1 min cardio

:30 jump rope

3 inchworms w push-up

5 sit-ups

10 PVC Passthroughs


BB Warmup + Power Snatch


EMOM x 5

1 Power Snatch

*Find your weight for the WOD


Every minute complete:

Minute 1-10:

1 Power Snatch (Rx+ 135/95) (Rx 95/65) (Fit 65/45)

25 Double Unders

Minute 11-20:

1 Power Snatch

15 Ab Mat Sit-ups

Minute 21-30:

1 Power Snatch

10 Push ups

**Rest for any remaining time that you have each minute. If you cannot complete the work within the minute, scale the reps back and continue the WOD. Try to get at least 15 sec rest each minute at first.

Duration: Long
Weight: Heavy
Skill: Moderate
Volume: High