Thursday 10.20.22


5 min cardio

5 min foam roll

5 min coach’s choice stretching


4 week Pull-up Program – working off of your max reps (use a band if that’s what you used to text your max reps).

Do all of the pull-ups, then all of the negatives, then Scap retractions, then Ring Rows. Do not superset. This should take at least 20 min.

3 sets pull-ups at 50% of your max reps (use your band) – ex: my max is 10, so I’ll do 3×5

3×5 negative pull-ups (or rows) (use your band)

3×5-10 Scap Retractions (no band)

2×5-20 Ring Rows (burn out sets) – go low enough to make sure you burn out before 20


20 min for Quality – RPE 6-7 (recovery)

200m Run

30 sit-ups

20 Russian KB Swings

10 Single KB RDLs (not single leg)

5 Bench Press (from the rack)

*Athletes choice on weights / think recovery