Thursday 11.10.22

Due to the predicted weather, and the school calling a 2 hour late start, the 5am class and 8:15am will be Open Gym style. There might not be a coach on duty, depending on if they can get there or not. If you’d like the code to the front door to get in, text Mel at 605-645-2216.


3 min cardio

10 Ring Rows

5 Scap Retractions

5 Kip Swings

3 Pull-ups

5 Push-up to Down Dog

10 Banded Pull Aparts


2 min Coach led DU practice

5 Coach’s choice mobility


Pull-up Program

4×60% Pull-ups

3 sets 5-10 negatives (do more reps than last week)

2 sets 5-20 banded chin-ups (reverse grip) – burnout sets – everyone uses a band!

3 sets :10-:30 Active Hang

WOD – Skill Work/ Recovery RPE 6-7 **Take some of this time to work on progressing your T2B and DU skills!

EMOM x 20 (work :30 rest :30)

Toes to Bar

Renegade Rows

Double Unders

Russian Twists 20/14


*Complete in any order!



:20 Ring Support L Sit

:20 Bottom of Ring Dip Hold

:20 Double KB OH Hold