Friday 12.16.22

**No 5am Class. Mike and I will try to do an Open Gym/WOD at 8:15am, if we can get there! Check back here or on social to make sure.

***We will be adding a Saturday morning class/WOD at 8:15am!! Come workout with us 🙌


8 min AMRAP

1 min cardio


5 Air Squats

3 Inchworms

3 Burpees

***At-Home Workout Option– Minimal Equipment (will require some sort of box or steps- in the case of no steps, do lunges in place box steps and close grip push-ups instead of dips):

(thanks Coach Rachel!)

8 Rounds 20s. Work/10 s. Rest

1 Minute Rest Between Exercises – do each exercise for 8 Rounds before moving to the next exercise

1- Jumping Jacks
2-Box Step Ups (Alternating)
3- Box Dips
4- Lateral Lunges
5- Seal Jacks

Core Finisher: 2 Rounds

50 Mountain Climbers (Slow)
30s. Forearm Plank
40 Russian Twists
30s. Forearm Plank
30 T Planks
30s. Forearm Plank
20 Superman’s
30s. Forearm Plank
10 V- Ups

Rest 90 seconds and Repeat

Seal Jack:;_ylt=AwrNOjL.j5tj1Ukqwx.3mWRH;_ylu=c2VjA3NyBHNsawN2aWQEZ3BvcwM1?p=seal+jacks+exercise&vid=71869972e6b6079772072cd5b8e6284c&

Or, Do a Make-up WOD