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CrossFit Reserve – Spearfish, SD!

We believe that your hour at the gym should be the best hour of your day! Our mission is to build a healthy community of people through functional movement and nutrition in a safe and fun environment.

All levels are welcome:)

Located in the C2 Wellness Center at 1927 Russell St. (Exit 8, go North on Old Belle Rd, right on Russell St. take the next right). We are the grey building with the blue roof. C2 Wellness also houses Spearfish Yoga & Cycle and Preventative Health Concepts.

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Schedule and Pricing

Use the Mindbody App to sign up for memberships, or text us at 605-645-2216 to come try us out – your first week is free! Drop-In Passes available for those of you from another gym dropping in. from 

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5am M-F

8:15am M-F

4:30pm M-F

5:45pm M-Thur

8:15am Saturday- Workout or Open Gym (workout starts at 8:15am)

*NO Friday 5:45pm Classes!**


$105/month Unlimited Membership

$95/month Student/Senior/Military Unlimited Membership (military and first responders included in this pricing option)

$90/month (each) Couples Unlimited Membership

$125/month Unlimited EVERYTHING Membership (Unlimited CrossFit, Yoga & Cycling)

Family (3+ members) $85/each per month

$15 Drop In

$105/10 Sessions

Specialty Pricing:

$40/session Personal Coaching

$105 On Ramp

Preventative Health Concepts Pricing:

$50 Nutrition In-take Form (with Dr. Childers)

$95 Nutrition Session (with Dr. Childers)

Recent Posts

Tuesday 5.17.22

WARMUP 10 min AMRAP 1 min cardio 10 KBS 5 Single Arm Push Press 5 Box Step/Jumps 10 Banded Straight Arm Pulldowns 10 Diagonal Banded Pull Aparts 10 Light DB Snatch Then… 1:00 Banded Shoulder Distraction :30 Pushup Scap Retractions :30 Active Hang From the Bar Then… BB Push Press STRENGTH Push Press8-8-8 Strict Pull-ups … Continue reading Tuesday 5.17.22

Monday 5.16.22

WARMUP 10 min AMRAP 1 min cardio or 200m jog 5 Hip Hinge 10 Air Squats 10 Sit-ups 5 Scap Retractions 3 Kip Swings 3 T2B Then… Medball Clean Practice: 5 Medball DL + 5 Medball Front Squat + 5 Medball Cleans STRENGTH Front Squat:8-8-8 *Each set should be challenging with the goal of no … Continue reading Monday 5.16.22

Thursday 5.12.22

WARMUP 5 min cardio Shoulder Maintenance: 3 set of 10 each: Banded Pull Aparts Diagonal Banded Pull Aparts Banded External Rotation Bent Over Y’s (small plates) Bent Over T’s STRENGTH Front Rack Lunge (from the rack) 3×10 WOD EMOM x 30-minutes (:30sec work – :30sec rest) Minute 1: Air Squats Minute 2: RowMinute 3: Push-ups … Continue reading Thursday 5.12.22

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